South Korea to Host Second AI Safety Summit

South Korea to host the second global AI Safety Summit.

South Korea to Host Second AI Safety Summit

It is worth noting that last autumn a similar event was held in the United Kingdom. In a statement, government officials noted that the summit in South Korea will be built on the Bletchley Declaration. In this case, it implies an agreement between several countries of the world on cooperation in the area of artificial intelligence security. The mentioned declaration was signed by China and the United States, among others.

Former Google researcher Geoffrey Hinton says artificial intelligence contains a threat that, in terms of the potential scale of its impact on the world, is more significant than the problem of climate change. Elon Musk, who became one of those who urged to suspend the development of advanced AI systems, agrees with this point of view.

In November 2023, the first AI Safety Summit was held in the United Kingdom. The event was attended by world leaders, scientists, and technology moguls. At the November summit, options for regulating the development and subsequent use of artificial intelligence systems were discussed. After the event, more than 25 government representatives signed the above-mentioned declaration. This document provides for the intention of the countries to jointly establish a common approach to the oversight of artificial intelligence.

To match the pace of AI development, it was decided to hold summits every six months. In May, an event will be held in South Korea, which will be mostly virtual. An in-person summit will be held in France later in 2024.

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