OpenAI CEO Reportedly Seeks Global Support for AI Infrastructure

The media, citing insiders, report that OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is currently holding meetings with government and industry officials in several countries to provide the support necessary for the full implementation of the process of building an infrastructure for artificial intelligence.

OpenAI CEO Reportedly Seeks Global Support for AI Infrastructure

According to preliminary information, issues related to the need for chips, energy sources, and data centers are being discussed during the negotiations. This was reported by insiders.

OpenAI CEO believes that one of the most serious problems for the high-tech industry at the moment is the amount of energy needed for powering artificial intelligence systems. To solve this problem, Sam Altman intends to form a global coalition.

According to insiders, the OpenAI CEO held meetings with officials in several Western countries. It is also reported that this week he spoke with officials and investors in the United Arab Emirates. Moreover, according to preliminary information, Mr. Altman will soon hold meetings with legislators and representatives of the sphere of national security and intelligence in Washington.

An OpenAI spokesperson, in a media comment on the mentioned information, said that the company is constantly negotiating to increase the global infrastructure and supply chains of chips, energy, and data centers. Detailed clarification about Sam Altman’s efforts was not provided.

In February, the media reported that OpenAI was seeking approval from the United States government for an initiative aimed at expanding the global chip manufacturing system. This idea has the potential to provoke concerns about national security and antitrust law.

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