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Square Expands Offline Payments

Square has announced the expansion of offline payments for all hardware devices in each country.

Square Expands Offline Payments

The mentioned firm now offers connectivity-free solutions for its entire line of devices. The relevant information is contained in the company’s press release, which was published last Tuesday, April 23. For 10 years, Square has offered the mentioned solution for only some of its devices.

The press release notes that as a result of the latest update, almost 90% of hardware sellers can take payment transactions offline. In this case, it does not matter whether the seller is in a remote location or is facing a technological disruption. Now nearly every Square seller can continue to operate as usual and maintain sales at the proper level.

Moreover, the press release notes that offline payments provide an opportunity to conduct business even in the event of a failure in Square’s service. This functional solution also ensures transactions outside the mobile coverage area. Besides, offline payments guarantee functionality in case of an Internet service provider or card network disruption. Also, these transactions can be performed in conditions of technical issues on the part of the user.

The offline payments feature can be activated at any time in the seller’s Square settings or when a connectivity problem is detected at its Square Point of Sale (POS). After that, the user is given 24 hours to reconnect to the Internet to upload and process transactions. After the seller is notified of offline payments, the customer, as a rule, will not know about the changes and will be able to purchase in the usual way.

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