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Starbucks Testing Palm Payments

The coffee giant Starbucks has started testing Amazon’s biometric payments solution, enabling customers to get their cup of coffee by scanning their palm

Starbucks palm payments


The trial of Amazon One biometric payments by the Starbucks coffee retailer is currently taking place in Edmonds, Washington, north of Seattle.

Amazon One palm-payment technology aims to streamline the checkout process, making payments as convenient as possible. First, consumers are encouraged to sign-up for the system through the Amazon One website or at the dedicated kiosk. Once at the kiosk, consumers scan a barcode and then scan both of their palms. After the enrolment, the checkout process is as easy as possible, as all that customers have to do is hover their hand over a scanner to complete the transaction.

Testing the innovative solution at the Edmonds location is meaningful since the average customer there is roughly 45 years old, thus, more likely to have less trust towards unfamiliar payment methods. If proven successful there, the biometric payments may be easier launched at other locations. Besides, testing the technology in a challenging environment may reveal both advantages and disadvantages more clearly.

Previously, Amazon One has launched at Whole Foods and Panera Bread. Besides, the company expanded the palm scan payment technology and made its Dash Cart shopping carts available in more stores where Amazon One is also present, creating the possibility of self-service on the go.

Starbucks is continuously exploring innovations that could improve customer experience and engagement levels. In September 2022, Starbucks introduced Starbucks Odyssey, a loyalty programme that combines Starbucks’ Rewards with an NFT platform. The innovative approach apparently pays off, as the company’s loyalty membership in the US increased 15%.

We have previously reported on the differences in Starbucks coffee prices in different countries.

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