Threads Expands Search

Threads extends the search function to most English-speaking and Spanish-speaking countries.

Threads Expands Search

The relevant information is contained in a message posted by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg in an account registered on this social network. For the first time, the virtual platform began testing the search function a week ago in New Zealand and Australia. Now the company is expanding the geography of using this tool of interaction with the social network to Argentina, the United States, Great Britain, Mexico, and India.

During the launch, Threads offered consumers an elementary search function. In this case, it means displaying only users, and not the content they publish. Full-text search changes the situation. Now users in the above countries can search for keywords and topics discussed on social networks, and not just other people.

Commenting on the expansion of functionality, the company stated that it listens to community feedback and is working to improve the tools for interacting with the platform.

Extending the search function to more markets is an action within the framework of the implementation of the app promotion strategy and increasing the level of consumer engagement. Threads’ debut was a success. In a short period of time, this virtual platform has formed a user base that includes 100 million people. In part, this success is the result of a marketing-wise decision to link the user interface to the so-called Instagram parent app.

Sensor Tower, a mobile intelligence company, reported in August that the number of daily active Threads users has decreased by 82% since the peak recorded in the first days after the launch. Currently, 8 million people interact with the social network on a daily basis. To correct the situation, which Mark Zuckerberg described as regular and natural for the new application, but the company’s urgent measures indicated the opposite, new functions were launched, including, among them, search and a full-featured web version of the social network.

Launching the web version was not a life-saving solution. Data from the digital intelligence company Similarweb indicate that the implementation of this measure contributed to an increase in traffic by only 3%.

Other solutions to expand the functionality shortly after the launch of the virtual platform included a chronological feed, a place to view likes, a Reposts tab, and some other minor changes. However, the reaction of users in the form of their level of activity on the social network indicates that this strategy is not effective. To switch from X, formerly Twitter, more significant innovations are needed, for example, trends, lists, and bookmarks.

According to experts, without a combination of search and trends that have made the social network, which has been owned by Elon Musk since last year and was named by Mark Zuckerberg as the main competitor of the new app, Threads is unlikely to gain popularity.

Some users of the new social interaction platform launched by Meta in the summer say that there is no sensation of a real-time news feed here.

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