TikTok Adds Text Posts

TikTok announced the introduction of a new functional solution on its virtual platform, as a result of what users will be able to post text materials containing only words and nothing else.

TikTok Adds Text Posts

This decision of the owners of one of the most popular digital applications in the world, according to experts, is an action within the framework of efforts to expand the scope of their activities and make a more universal technological system. In the case of the appearance of the function of placing text materials on the platform, the company implements the intention to attract those users who are looking for an alternative to Twitter. How numerous this audience is, one can only guess, but the fact of its existence is obvious, although there is no guarantee that this is a field of opportunities for TikTok.

Representatives of the virtual platform described the appearance of the text publishing function as an extension of the boundaries of content creation for everyone. The company also states that in this case, something like a space for written creativity is being formed, which was previously recorded in the comments, and existed as an integral element of videos.

The virtual platform has taken care of the arrangement of the digital environment for text materials. Users who will publish relevant content will be able to add colored backgrounds and stickers to their materials. At the same time, the company has set a limit according to which the text volume should not exceed 1000 characters.

Attempts to create an alternative to Twitter, which as a result of the rebranding became a company, X this summer became a kind of trend, albeit existing on a limited scale. In early July, Meta launched the Threads social platform, which it designated as a competitor to Elon Musk’s virtual platform. In the first five days since the launch, the number of users of this application reached 100 million people. But after more than two weeks, the customer base decreased by 70%.

Twitter is currently not at the best stage of its existence. In July, it became known that the company’s advertising revenue decreased by 50%. In addition, the purchase of this social network by Elon Musk last year brought some chaos to the internal processes of the firm. Against this background, a kind of opportunity arose for Twitter’s competitors, which some of them took advantage of.

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