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Twilio Launches AI Tools

Twilio, a software company, presented new artificial intelligence tools for its customer interaction platform.

Twilio Launches AI Tools

The new lineup, called CustomerAI, includes predictive and generating artificial intelligence tools. This toolkit, as stated in the company’s press release, which was published last Wednesday, August 23, should revolutionize the mechanisms for understanding customer requests and the essence of their needs, and promote personalized interaction.

Kathryn Murphy, senior vice president of products at Twilio, said that the new features of the CustomerAI line increase the availability of artificial intelligence and stimulate a positive movement in the dynamics of interaction with consumers. Separately, she noted that in this case, the interaction is adapted taking into account the individual needs of the client and the peculiarities of his behavior.

According to the information contained in the press release, the main new solutions are the introduction of CustomerAI forecasts and voice analytics. Predictive machine intelligence is used by marketers to anticipate consumer behavior and make a strategy based on this data. In this case, it is possible to create a hyper-targeted audience and personalize the multi-channel experience taking into account the characteristics of customers.

The press release also indicates that the use of voice AI contributes to solving the problem of customer service against the background of an increase in the number of calls to the support service. By recognizing spoken speech and understanding natural language, Voice Intelligence extracts information from voice data. This AI-based tool provides information about common feedback, competitive insights, and compliance risks. The use of Voice Intelligence improves the management of the search for potential clients and increases the level of efficiency of customer service.

Twilio also implements generative AI tools in Twilio Engage, Flex, and Segment. This toolkit will help marketers save time, increase productivity, and optimize results. For example, the generative design of email allows you to enter simple text invitations that are converted to HTML in a few seconds. Generative Journeys automate the planning of customer trips. Twilio Engage builds a journey using generative artificial intelligence.

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