Twitter Develops Video App for Smart TVs

Twitter’s development plans include creating a video application for smart TVs.

Twitter Develops Video App for Smart TVs

Last weekend, the current owner of the social network, Elon Musk, in response to a publication posted on this platform containing a statement about the need to create a video application for the company for smart TVs, said that the solution to this issue is approaching.

Last week, Musk and Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino said during a presentation to investors that the virtual platform would focus on activities related to video materials, cooperation with content creators, and partnerships with commercial companies. This is reported by the media.

Also during the presentation, the company management informed investors about the desire to engage in the sale of advertising. Another plan for the near future is sponsorship to accompany videos authored by content creators.

Yaccarino was appointed the new CEO of Twitter, replacing Musk, in early June. Before that, she headed the advertising department at NBCUniversal. Musk announced the transition to a new position of executive chairman and chief technical officer.

Yaccarino said in May that she was inspired by the image of a bright future, the concept of which is promoted by the owner of Twitter. At the same time, she announced her readiness to take a personal part in the transformation of the business and contribute to the realization of the idea of the future.

The video application for smart TVs will be the latest addition to Twitter’s offerings. In May, Musk announced that encrypted direct messages (DMS), voice, and video chat will be introduced on the virtual platform.

In April, it became known that Twitter is launching a feature with which the media will be able to charge users for each article. In this case, information consumers pay more if they do not have a monthly subscription to the media page.

Also in April, Twitter launched a subscription feature, as a result of which users were able to monetize their content hosted on this platform. Subscribers on a paid basis can get access to bonus materials and badges that simplify chatting and connecting to the network.

Currently, Twitter’s competitors are also expanding the functionality of their virtual platforms through the introduction of new solutions and digital products. For example, Meta is developing a text application, about which there is little information, except directly stating the fact that work on it is underway. This product has been tested for several months. There is also information that during the operation of the text, the application will interact with Instagram.

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