Twitter Launches Community Notes for Images

Twitter has launched Community Notes for images in posts.

Twitter Launches Community Notes for Images

According to experts, this decision indicates the company’s desire to assign more responsibility to crowdsourcing moderation. The virtual platform intends to use scenarios with images in which certain changes have been made, or with images created by artificial intelligence, on the platform where the photos are published.

The company wants to mark content like the Balenciaga Pope, which has been at the top of popularity for several weeks. The launch of the Community Notes function took place a few days after the active dissemination of a photo of an explosion in the Pentagon area in the Internet space, which turned out to be an image generated by artificial intelligence.

Twitter reports that the notes will appear in the category of recent and future publications containing a commented image. Currently, the new feature is applied in test mode and is used for posts with unique illustrative material.

The company said that only Community Notes participants who scored 10 points on the impact scale (the usefulness of participant notes) will be able to send brief notes about the image and not publications in general. This means that if e users post the same picture on Twitter, but with different captions, the community notes will remain the same.

Publications containing images with notes will have a special label. The company said that it is currently exploring the possibility of scaling the new feature in order to apply it to videos and posts with multiple media. Since this is an early version of Community Notes for media content, the matching algorithm may skip several publications containing an image with notes.

The fake image of the alleged attack on the Pentagon was a combination of paid verified accounts and images generated by artificial intelligence. The original post was deleted, but the photo continued distributed on Twitter after that. This problem also concerns advertising materials created by AI. Such advertising can be misleading.

After the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk, the company began to rely more on crowdsourcing moderation through community notes. This was due to the fact that as part of the cost reduction, employees specializing in trust and security issues were laid off.

Last year, Twitter published community notes around the world. In February 2023, the company launched a feature to inform people about the context of publications.

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