DoorDash Touts Subscription Savings as Aggregators Compete for Digital Loyalty

DoorDash announces the launch of a cost-saving program with a subscription.

DoorDash Touts Subscription Savings as Aggregators Compete for Digital Loyalty

The company announced the implementation of a project at a time when restaurant aggregators compete not only with each other but also with direct order channels to achieve the goal of digital customer loyalty.

DoorDash, a leading data aggregator in the United States, announced that a five-week promotion with daily offers for restaurants and everyday goods will start in June. These offers include discounts and prize draws for DashPass program participants.

Experts say that this decision of the company is aimed not only at increasing the number of permanent members of the corporate community but also at encouraging existing DashPass participants to use the program in the process of purchasing goods related to the category of products of daily need. In this case, it is proposed to apply a commercial product outside of paying bills in restaurants.

Prabir Adarkar, president and chief operating officer of DoorDash, stated that the savings program highlights the value and breadth of DashPass membership. He also noted that the company offers financial solutions not only within the purchase of food in stores and paying bills in restaurants, but also in the field of buying sporting goods.

DoorDash aims to use the membership program to increase the level of customer loyalty. In early 2023, Adarkar announced that his company’s subscription would become as popular as a Netflix subscription.

Experts say that the discount system can be an effective solution for the active development of aggregators in the face of competition from direct order channels. The results of a special study indicate that in the United States, four out of ten restaurant visitors use aggregators due to improved discounts.

DoorDash is not the only adherent of the practice of using subscriptions to increase loyalty. For example, Uber has its own Uber One program, which provides both free delivery via Uber Eats and discounted rides on the company’s mobile platform.

Grubhub has a subscription to Grubhub+ with free shipping. In this case, the aggregator uses partnerships to stimulate implementation and offers free annual membership for Amazon Prime subscribers and Bank of America cardholders.

As we have reported earlier, DoorDash Partners With Chase to Drive Rewards Card Spend.

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