Twitter’s Legacy Blue Check Mark Era Overs

Twitter continues to get rid of its legacy, which defined the image, design, and other aspects of the symbolic and material existence of the company before the beginning of the era of the rule of Elon Musk.

Twitter’s Legacy Blue Check Mark Era Overs


The effect of outdated blue check marks, which this social network distributed free of charge to journalists, celebrities from the field of art, and politicians to more effectively combat imitation and spam, was supposed to end on April 1. But this attribute of the previous era went into oblivion a little later.

On April 11, Elon Musk announced on his Twitter page that the date of the final termination of the blue check marks has been postponed to April 20. This day has already become history in a chronological sense, and with it, the characteristic marks of the social network have become part of the past.

After the end of the outdated practice of checks on Twitter, marks on the passage of verification procedures will be applied only on the pages of paid users and enterprises. Also, the corresponding identification marks will remain in the accounts of government agencies and officials. From now on, after clicking on the blue check mark, the user will receive a notification that this account has been verified because its owner is subscribed to Twitter Blue and has confirmed his phone number.

Twitter had previously promised to completely remove brand identification marks, but this promise was not fulfilled. The blue check marks remain, although not on the same scale.

An important circumstance in the context of the changes that have taken place is that the brand tick is no longer a sign, meaning that the page is guaranteed to belong to the user who is designated as its owner in the social network. Now this symbol only confirms that a fee is being paid for using the account and that the mobile phone number has been verified.

From now on, the only way to determine the authenticity of a Twitter page is to compare its content with materials posted on the accounts of certain individuals on other platforms.

Government accounts have gray check marks that indicate their connection with the relevant institutions. The media pages are mostly ticked yellow.

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