Walmart Experiments With AI and AR

Walmart uses new technologies to improve the shopping experience.

Walmart Experiments With AI and AR

At the end of last week, information was published in the blog of this company that the brand uses artificial intelligence and augmented reality as part of efforts to introduce positive innovations into the practice of consumer actions.

One of the spaces where generative machine intelligence is applied by the trading giant is the purchase of goods in the virtual dimension. The company trains AI to generate relevant search results using the example of specific options. In this case, Walmart optimizes the search process for consumers. For example, the company’s customers who are planning a birthday party for a child in the symbolic style of unicorns can find products on the topic at a time.

Another use case for machine intelligence by Walmart is to provide consumers with assistance when making purchases that are defined as complex. In this case, the AI offers clients recommendations based on the results of a preliminary study of the needs and preferences of each buyer.

Also, the company, as part of the introduction of advanced technologies in the space of its business, seeks to simplify the decision-making process by consumers. For example, a customer who is interested in buying a mobile phone compatible with his current wireless provider can trust the recommendations generated by artificial intelligence.

Walmart does not plan to limit itself to using AI. The company is also exploring the applying of voice technology to help consumers make purchases and improve their experience with the trading platform.
With the mobile app, customers can now make purchases on Consumers can also engage in interactive communication with a digital assistant. This format of realization of the opportunity to make purchases allows the client to book the time of delivery and pickup.

Walmart also reported investing in augmented reality tools. The company considers this technology as a tool for buying clothes and household goods.

Walmart also intends to provide individual design assistance to customers by combining the capabilities of generative artificial intelligence and augmented reality. In this case, consumers will be able to share information about their budget, topics of interest, and aesthetic preferences. Based on these data, artificial intelligence will provide individual variations of the design of the room. Augmented reality technology will allow the client to see a visualized version of the design concept proposed by AI.

Walmart is exploring the possibility of integrating virtual commerce into its stores. In practical terms, this means allowing customers to buy physical goods in a virtual space. In this case, the wording is very simplified and requires clarification.

Currently, the company is implementing a strategy of establishing innovative communication with customers. As part of a related effort, Walmart has launched an in-game feature called House Flip that allows to make purchases.

Experts say that artificial intelligence has already become a transformative technology in the retail sector. According to them, advanced technology has the potential to increase the level of overall efficiency in this sphere. Experts also say that the use of artificial intelligence can become a commercially profitable solution. AI allows companies to earn additional income. For example, the grocery industry, according to analysts, can save $113 billion as a result of the introduction of machine intelligence into consumer and internal apps.

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