Sanctions for Russia from the business world in alphabetical order

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“It is better to sit in the dark than to buy Putin’s gas and oil!”: Lights out for Ukraine

As Russia has started a full-scale invasion, on March 2nd, homes across Europe turned off all of their lights in support of Ukraine.

By this action, people conveyed a certain message: “We want to show Putin that we’d rather sit in the dark than buy his gas and oil.”

The campaign took place simultaneously in London (7 p.m.), Central Europe (8 p.m.) and Kyiv (9 p.m.) as well as in Moscow (10 p.m.).

All actions have consequences. Right now, let’s have a look at all the sanctions that have been implied to Russia so far:

Apple Pay – not available for customers of sanction-hit Russian banks

Apple – sales halt

Adidas – refusal to work with the national football team

Audi – market exit

AMD – ban on the supply of microchips and soon a ban on the supply of video cards

Amazon – a complete block of all retail

ASOS – canceled shipping to Russia

British Petrolium – 20% of shares left Rosneft

BBC – revocation of broadcasting licenses

BMW – closes factories, blocks supplies

Bolt – market exit

Boeing – ceased to serve and supply aircraft

Burberry – sales halt

Cannes Festival – block of Russian delegation

Cadillac – market exit

Carlsberg – export restriction

Cex Io – crypto platform bans Russian users

Cinema 4D – one of the C4D plugins does not work

Coca Cola – market exit

COS – sales halt

Danone – market exit

Disney – film releases halt

Dell – market exit

DHL – market exit

Eurovision – disqualification

Ericsson – market exit

Exxon Mobil – recalls all specialists from Russian oil companies

Etsy – block of all balances on Russian accounts

Facebook – Russian media accounts bans

Farfetch – sales halt

FedEx – complete ban on deliveries

Formula 1 – cancellation of the tournament in Sochi

Ford – sales halt

FIFA – disqualification of the national team for the World Cup and a ban on holding any international matches in the Russian Federation

Ganni – sales halt

Google Pay – partial block

Google Maps – block of information for RF

Golden Goose – sales halt

General Motors – export halt

HP – import ban

Harley Davidson – suspended business in Russia and all shipments of their goods

Honda – export halt

H&M – sales of the entire holding are closed (Arket, & Other Stories, Monki and Weekday)

Instagram – partial restriction

iherb – sales halt

IKEA – pauses all retail operations in Russia and Belarus

International Olympic Committee – cancellation of all competitions

Intel – microchip supply ban

Jaguar – market exit

Jooble – removed the service and made a statement

JYSK – temporary market exit

KUNA – market exit

Lego – market exit

Lenovo – market exit

Lexus – stopped shipping

LinkedIn – preparing for a full exit from the country

Mazda – the termination of deliveries to the Russian Federation

Mastercard – suspension of card production, shutdown of sanctions banks

Maersk – stopped shipping from the Russian Federation (Aliexpress delivery)

Megogo – all Russian movies deleted

Mercedes – stopped the delivery of cars

Mitsubishi – downsizing in Russia

Mobile World Congress – refusal of accreditation of a delegation from the Russian Federation

Mytheresa – sales halt

Nanushka – sales halt

NFT – block of funds of users of the Russian Federation (information is being specified)

NHL – complete block for players from Russia

Nemiroff – revoked production license

Netflix – stopping the production of RF series

Nike – closed the online store

Nintendo – a ban on purchases in rubles

Nokia – market exit

OnlyFans – ban for registration of new Russian accounts and monetization in the Russian Federation

Paysera – blocking

PayPal – freezing accounts when withdrawing to Russian cards

Paramount Pictures – film distribution block

Parimatch – franchise withdrawn

Play Station – unable to complete payment

Pornhub – content access ban

Porsche – exit from Russia (stopped shipping)

Renault – market exit

Samsung Pay – private outages

Scania – market exit

Siemens – exiting the market

Shell – termination of the contract with Gazprom

Spotify – unable to pay for subscription

Sony Pictures – film distribution block

Toyota – suspension of Russian car production

UEFA – cancellation of the Champions League final in St. Petersburg, a ban on all clubs from participating in the Champions League and the Europe League, termination of the contract with the general sponsor Gazprom

UPS – complete ban on deliveries

Universal Pictures – film distribution block

Visa – cards of sanctioned banks do not work abroad

Volvo – market exit

YouTube – blocking state media channels or withdrawing from monetization

Warner Bros – cancelation of all film distribution

Volkswagen– exiting the market

Zoom – revocation of licenses for software development


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