Snapchat Focuses on App Safe

Snapchat owner Snap Inc. intends to take responsibility for the user experience in its app, including in the context of ensuring the safety of children.


Anthropic Expands Enterprise Offering

The company Anthropic, which operates in the artificial intelligence industry, announced the launch of its first smartphone app and a new enterprise subscription plan.


Snap Says Augmented Reality Drives User Engagement

Snap, which owns the popular Snapchat virtual platform, believes that augmented reality will be one of the most significant advances in the area of computing ever seen in the world.

Science & Technology

TikTok Says About Potential Consequences of Banning Platform in US

TikTok stated that the ban on this virtual platform in the United States would be a factor in hurting freedom of speech and harming local businesses.

Finance & Economics

Wagestream Raises $21.8 Million

Wagestream, a financial well-being app focused on frontline workers, was able to raise investment funds for 17.5 million pounds (about $21.8 million) as part of the financing round.


Bank of America Launches Massive Update to Its Mobile App

Bank of America has launched a massive update to its mobile app that integrates banking, investing, and retiring on one unified online platform.

Science & Technology

Reddit Launches IPO

Reddit Inc. has disclosed details of its upcoming initial public offering (IPO), which is likely to be the largest event of a relevant nature in the current year.


PhonePe Launches India Mobile App Store

The fintech company PhonePe Pvt., which is part of the Walmart ownership structure, announced the launch of a digital mobile apps store for consumers from India.

Science & Technology

X to Launch New Tools

Social network X, formerly known as Twitter, plans to launch new tools for interaction between advertisers and content creators.


Pinterest Reports Earnings

The share price of Pinterest last Thursday, February 8, showed a drop against the background of the publication by this company of a revenue report for the fourth quarter of 2023, which turned out to be disappointing relative to the preliminary expectations of experts on the relevant occasion, and of a forecast containing weak estimates […]

Science & Technology

Reddit Reportedly Plans to Launch IPO

The social media platform Reddit has created detailed plans for its initial public offering (IPO) in March.


HSBC Takes on Revolut With New App for Non-Customers

HSBC Holdings plans to release an app with which financial services consumers will be able to make international payment transactions.

Science & Technology

China’s Instagram Rival Xiaohongshu Approaches for 2023 Net Profit

The Chinese social network Xiaohongshu Technology Co., which in terms of functional content resembles Instagram in many ways, plans to make a profit this year.

Fintech & Ecommerce

TD Bank and Plaid to Simplify Access to Apps

TD Bank Group and fintech company Plaid have announced a joint effort to eliminate the need to provide login credentials to third-party apps for customers of the mentioned financial institution in the United States and Canada.


Meta Launches Threads for European Users

The American technology giant Meta launched the Threads social network in the European Union on Thursday, December 14.

Science & Technology

Pew Research Report Shows Choice of American Teens in Favor of YouTube and TikTok

A new report by the Pew Research Center on the use of social networks and the Internet indicates that American teenagers often spend time on virtual platforms, which is not a sensation or little expected news, but the choice of representatives of the younger generation in this matter deserves attention.