Science & Technology

Ukraine Ranks 2nd Among the Countries With Most AI Startups in Central and Eastern Europe

Ukraine is home to over 240 companies that deal with artificial intelligence (AI), while the number of AI professionals has grown fivefold over the last decade.

Finance & Economics

The Numerous Benefits of Partaking in Lean Six Sigma Courses Online

The business environment in the United States has driven the competitiveness between companies to record levels. Are you the owner of a small-to-medium-sized venture, and are you active in a highly regulated field where the differences between enterprises come down to the small details? Do you want to boost your profits and garner a reputation […]

Society & Lifestyle

Top 5 Ways AI Writing Tools Are Revolutionizing Students’ Academic Experience

The world will not be the same after the new technological advancement of this century – the emergence of AI tools. No matter what discipline you study or what job you have, using the advantages of AI can impact your personal and professional development on many levels.  Without a doubt, AI tools have made many […]


Beyond Coding: Pures College Unveils The Diverse Career Paths For Tech Degree Graduates

In today’s digital age, technology plays a crucial role in our lives, and there is a growing demand for tech-savvy individuals to drive innovation and solve problems. While many associate tech degrees with coding, Pures College explores the diverse career paths available to tech graduates, emphasizing that their skills can be applied in various roles and […]


Ethan Krampitz Explains The Role of Higher Education in Building a Strong Foundation in Finance

There’s no denying that finance plays a crucial role in our lives, and understanding financial concepts can be a significant advantage in today’s world. However, learning about finance can be overwhelming, and that’s where higher education comes in. Higher education allows individuals to develop a strong foundation in finance that can help them make informed […]


Master Your Money: Hudson Parr Tesla Explores How Financial Education Can Revolutionize Your Personal Finances

Personal finance can be a complex and confusing topic for many, so people often shy away from it or feel overwhelmed. However, the good news is understanding your finances doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it can be empowering, enriching, and even enjoyable. By educating yourself and learning teduhe ins and outs of personal […]


Swyftx Earn and Learn Platform Pays Aussies for Crypto Education

Australian crypto exchange Swyftx is going to reward customers learning about crypto scams through a new “Earn and Learn” education platform

Society & Lifestyle

Morgan Stanley Launches Financial Education App for Entertainers, Creators and Athletes

The new Money in the Making app was developed and designed by Morgan Stanley specifically for the next generation of athletes, entertainers, and sports and entertainment professionals embarking on their wealth management journeys.

Science & Technology

UK Promotes Cyber Skills With Free School Training

UK government encourages schools to take advantage of free resources to help secondary school children boost cyber skills and pursue careers in the field later in life


Worldline & HEC Foundation to Explore and Educate on the Future of Payments

Worldline, HEC Paris and the HEC Foundation sustain their collaboration of many years with the creation of the “The Future of Money” Chair to promote knowledge about payments and train future talent in the sector

Society & Lifestyle

Wema SME Business School Launches in Nigeria

Wema Bank Business School 5.0. for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria will hold in Benin City, Edo State, from May 22 to 26, 2023


Advantages of Taking an Online Finance Course!

Online finance courses are becoming increasingly popular as more people look for avenues to upskill themselves. These courses offer a host of advantages over traditional classroom learning. In this blog post, we will explore the top benefits of taking online finance courses. Flexibility One of the most significant advantages of online finance courses is flexibility. […]

Society & Lifestyle

Exploring the Economic Implications of College Education Without Tuition Fees

In the United States, tertiary institutions are essential for many individuals in achieving their career goals and aspirations. It gives students the skills, knowledge, and credentials to pursue various careers. The cost of American Education has risen recently, making it difficult for low-income earners to attend high school. To address it, there have been frequent […]

Blockchain & Crypto

Academics Call for Web3 Education

Australian blockchain academics and educators urge more robust Web3 education in schools to prepare students for a world dominated by blockchain technology

Finance & Economics

Consumers demand more from businesses when it comes to action and education on environmental issues: AmEx

American Express has found that UK consumers have high expectations of businesses to be more vocal on environmental issues and efforts to tackle climate change – and will offer support to those that are. Ahead of Earth Day later this month, the Amex Trendex report revealed that 91% of UK adults want companies to address […]


How blockchain will transform higher education

Jessica Fender Author   Can the modern and ever-changing field of fintech meet with higher education and share common ground? Predictions and some research into higher education trends will tell us that yes, it is indeed possible. Universities have constantly been looking for innovations in the field to apply to the discipline and bring something […]