Jack Dorsey Backs Decentralized Bitcoin Mining Project In $6.2M Seed Round

Former Twitter (now X) chief, current Block CEO and avid Bitcoin supporter Jack Dorsey became one of the main investors in a $6.2M seed funding round for OCEAN, a decentralized crypto mining pool startup.

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Exploring Ravencoin Mining Pools: Maximizing Your Cryptocurrency Mining Efficiency

Cryptocurrency mining is one of the most important aspects of blockchain technology and makes it possible for cryptocurrencies to be used as a payment method and store of value.

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Bitcoin Halving and the Future of Mining

The next Bitcoin halving event is set to happen on block 840,000. With an ETA of 232 days away, the next halving event will reduce the rate of new Bitcoin creation, reinforce Bitcoin’s scarcity, and have its way with miner economics, market sentiment, and long-term investment strategies within the crypto ecosystem. How to analyse and […]


Two Crypto Bills Pass Congressional Committee, Bringing More Clarity to the Industry

U.S. lawmakers have passed the Financial Innovation and Technology for the 21st Century Act, as well as the Blockchain Regulatory Certainty Act. Here is what that means for the crypto industry.

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The Role of Miners in the Bitcoin Gold Network

Mining serves as the backbone of this decentralized system, ensuring its security and verifying transactions. In this article, we delve into the intricate role of miners, exploring the process behind mining and its significance in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.


El Salvador to Use Volcano Energy for $1B Bitcoin Mining Park

The small country of El Salvador is home to 30 volcanoes, 20 of which are potentially active. This “volcano energy” will not go to waste, being harnessed for an ambitious $1B Bitcoin mining project

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9 Best Free Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining Sites – Daily Passive income

The prospect of mining coins in exchange for passive income appeals to many cryptocurrency market participants. However, in the conventional sense, mining needs pricey equipment and a lot of power. People are switching to cloud mining more frequently now.


Top 10 Ways to Make Money with Cryptocurrency in 2023

The top ways to make money with Cryptocurrency in 2023 are mainly from cloud mining, affiliate programs, and investing. Although it has only been around for a few years, cryptocurrency is quickly gaining popularity as a means of make money online. The market for cryptocurrencies is incredibly profitable. Cryptocurrency can be make money in a […]

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Bitdeer and Bhutan Investment Arm Launch Sustainable Digital Asset Mining

The upcoming carbon-free digital asset mining operations in Bhutan complement Bitdeer’s international expansion, with existing data centers in Northern Europe and North America


Biden Budget Proposes Crypto Mining Tax

A budget proposal by U.S. President Joe Biden aims to “reduce mining activity” with a 30% tax on electricity costs linked to the cryptocurrency mining process


Blockstream Raises $125M to Expand Bitcoin Mining

The $125M funding will enable Blockstream to expand the Bitcoin mining capacity for institutional hosting customers

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America’s First Nuclear-Powered Bitcoin Mining Center

Cumulus Data will open America’s first nuclear-powered Bitcoin mining center in Pennsylvania.

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El Salvador Passes Bill To Fund Building ‘Bitcoin City’

El Salvador’s National Bitcoin Office (NBO) has announced the passing of the Digital Assets Issuance bill. Passed by the El Salvador Congress on January 11, with 62 members voting for and 16 against, the bill will become law once signed by President Nayib Bukele.

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You Should Plant 430 Million Trees to Offset Yearly Crypto Mining: Research

A new study from Forex Suggest reveals 431.6 million trees would need to be planted to amend bitcoin mining pollution over the last year only, not to mention the impact of other crypto activities

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Galaxy Digital to Acquire Bitcoin Miner Argo

The troubled Bitcoin miner Argo will avoid bankruptcy as Galaxy Digital has agreed to acquire its mining facility Helios for $65 million

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Binance Cloud Mining Suffers from Extreme Weather

The severe winter storm in North America completely made Binance shut down its cloud mining products during Dec. 24-26, so users’ subscriptions were extended for three days