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E-commerce in Europe: top & fastest-growing markets

The Czech Republic is the fastest-growing e-commerce market in Europe


Brits worry they will get robbed during holidays

It is expected many people may be away from home, visiting or staying with family between 23 and 27 December


COVID-19 apps: how states use technology against pandemic

Tech measures to control coronavirus

Finance & Economics

Amazon businesses’ acquirer announced a €200M commitment

It has also announced the acquisition of Maximo Fitniss, its 11th acquisition in the UK

Finance & Economics

UK and Kenya entered into a trade deal

In the past two years, the UK has countersigned such deals in 14 African countries

Science & Technology

Primark CEO: people believing in permanent e-commerce shift are naive

The company conducted its own research on what happened to its retail business throughout the isolation


1 in 8 UK exporters divert trade away from EU: here’s why

British businesses are creating a new trading footprint around the world

Society & Lifestyle

People in the UK shop within 1.6 km of the home while on lockdown

The analysis compares trends under lockdown against the same time in 2019


JCB announces partnership in the UK and Ireland

JCB partners with EVO Payments to enable JCB card acceptance for merchants in the UK and Ireland

Finance & Economics

How UK consumers shopped online in 2018 – survey

One in three UK shoppers habitually regretted their fast food purchases


Hands down, chill out: which countries work the shortest hours?

Guess which country has the shortest working week


Throwback Thursday: the history of paper money

People didn’t want to use paper money a long time ago, but today there are a lot of people who don’t want to have to use digital money and trust good old-fashioned banknotes more than a plastic card

Science & Technology

Top 5 smart cities: the future is already here

Governments mostly try to implement smart city concepts in existing cities

Finance & Economics

British logistics companies formed a joint venture

Six companies form major logistics company EV Cargo

Blockchain & Crypto

Which countries run national digital currencies?

… and why they have nothing to do with crypto


How the postal service became a bank

Post offices are already competing with traditional bank branches