UK e-commerce grew by over 50% in 2020: research

Cross-border e-commerce has grown steadily since April, with a significant spike starting in September and peaking in November

United Kingdom e-commerce

UK e-commerce grew by over 50% in 2020: research. Source:

Cross-border e-commerce sales from the United Kingdom are up 57% in 2020 over the same period last year, Ecommerce News reports.

There has been a steady increase in cross-border e-commerce since April, with a significant surge starting in September and peaking in November.

Ecommerce in the United Kingdom is known for its large local e-commerce companies. However, 36% of online shoppers in the UK shop online from other countries.

The index focuses not only on trends in the UK but also in Europe. This shows that markets outside the EU have seen higher cross-border sales for most of the year. However, there was a shift from September to December when EU volumes exceeded those which are not of the EU.

This suggests higher demand for UK goods among EU citizens during the holiday season last year. This demand could also have been fueled by consumer concerns about purchases from their favorite UK brands after Brexit, although a deal has yet to be agreed upon.

Many UK brands who are managing the Brexit complexities internally and ensuring their consumers have a seamless experience, are seeing no change in post-Brexit EU sales. In order to reap the benefits of the growing cross-border opportunity, UK brands and retailers selling online must now treat EU markets in the same way they would any other international marketrnrn
Neil Kuschel, CEO Europe at Global-e

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