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4 out of 5 consumers worldwide would use biometric payment card

The survey shows that many consumers are willing to use biometrics technology for payments


4 out of 5 consumers worldwide would use biometric payment card. Source:

According to Idemia survey, more than four-fifths of consumers (81%) worldwide are willing to use a biometric payment card and authenticate payments with a fingerprint rather than a PIN.

The poll also shows that 94% of surveyed consumers in Saudi Arabia, 92% in India, 88% in Brazil and 86% in South Africa would use fingerprint authentication for in-store payments, compared with 73% in Australia, 70% in the UK and 69% in the US.

Meanwhile, nearly three-quarters of respondents (74%) also said they have a positive view of biometric technology, with people from emerging economies (90%) and consumers under 49 (79%) “very enthusiastic about biometrics”.

Idemia also found that 84% of those surveyed used biometric authentication methods for tasks such as unlocking a smartphone, with 70% using fingerprints, 43% using a face, 25% using a voice, and 17% using an iris to verify their identity.

Along with that, 51% of consumers worldwide would like to use a biometric card to access a secured building, and 34% would like this technology to be integrated into their pass.

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