8 simple and profitable business ideas for students with little experience

Smart and energetic students successfully combine work with studies. This article contains a list of business model ideas that will help youngsters to make money


Many students would like to earn money when studying. Finding a part-time job is not the only way out. They can work as self-employed people and get an experience of running their own business. The readers of this article will get to know about the most efficient business models for students. They will help them to earn money and improve their skills.

Writing, editing and proofreading texts

Fellow students might need help when writing essays. Graduates might struggle to compile their CVs. It is enough to master these two types of texts to start earning good money.

First, the student should charge just a minimum fee. But they should ask their clients to spread the word about them. Written testimonials would be ideal. Students and their clients can take an EssayService review as a sample.


This is an obvious decision. First, the student needs to decide on their target audience. Here are the three categories of clients that need tutors most often.

  • School kids
  • Students who do not perform well
  • Businessmen

School kids might not get on well with their teachers. But they are too young to study on their own, without support and explanations.

Students can rely on educational apps — but some might lack motivation. A tutor helps them to manage their time more efficiently.

Businessmen might need to learn Chinese, accounting, or web design — anything that is related to their occupation. For them, expertise is essential. They would rather learn Chinese with an expat from Beijing rather than use an online tutorial.

Photography and videography

This popular hobby can turn into a stable source of income for the student. All they need is a good camera, editing software, and some skills. They can give ads on online platforms for freelancers. Also, they can become official photographers or videographers for some businesses.

Many students enjoy working for event promoters or fashion brands. The most creative ones make their own photo booths with rails and shower curtains. They rent these booths out to event organizers and help visitors to get unique funny shots. The entrepreneur should put their watermark on each of their photos. When people share the pics on social networks, this will serve as an excellent promotion for the photographer.


Those who have a large socmedia following can promote anything online. They can spread the word about night parties, art exhibitions, e-grocery apps, or travel discounts. This job requires excellent communication skills. When the student graduates, they will be able to use their database of contacts for their further projects.

Fill out surveys and get paid

It is a dream job for many students. It does not require any special talents and does not make people tired. But it has three significant drawbacks.

  • The income might be too small.
  • Those companies that pay good money for surveys hire rarely.
  • Such occupation does not help people to grow and develop.

Also, many companies work on the “first come, first served” principle. Each survey needs only a limited number of people of the same demographics. Those students who are the first to react will fill it out and get their money. Those who are late will not be able to participate.

Test and review products

Most likely, these will be apps and websites. The student will need to test the app, find bugs and record their screen. They should describe to the developer what they liked or disliked in the product. Such a job requires attention and an analytical set of mind. But the income will be higher if compared to surveys.

Childcare and house sitting

The student might ask their friends first. Maybe, someone’s relatives need this type of help. Otherwise, they can advertise their services in social media groups or distribute fliers offline.

Childcare requires patience and experience. This might not be the best business model for students who do not have younger brothers or sisters. But house sitting is much easier. The student will need to water the plants and feed the pets. To prevent burglaries, they should not leave the house unattended for a long time. Maybe, the owners will ask them to clean the premises.

People who hire house sitters normally have luxurious homes. They either leave food for their staff or pay them extra so that they can buy meals. In such an environment, it would be very comfortable to prepare for the exams.

Dog wand pet sitting

The student might start with walking someone’s dog or cat. Probably, some of their teachers could entrust their pets to them. Then, the student can hire assistants and launch a company. Maybe, local veterinary stores and clinics will help them to find clients.


General tips on choosing a business model

Ideally, students should choose such business models that would be related to their studies. Or, at least, they would not contradict their studies.

They should avoid such occupations that need large investments. There are no success guarantees. For newbies, it would be normal to fail at the first attempt. But it is better to fail without losing money.

Students should not choose such business models that would require them to get extra skills. It is ok to read articles on time management or consult with a tax expert. But the student should not visit photography courses just because they want to take pictures of events. They should become photographers only if they already know how to do it. Otherwise, they should consider another occupation.


These were just a few examples of efficient business models for students. Youngsters can try their hand at many other types of activities. They can resell tickets or trendy objects, start a blog, launch a delivery service, or get paid to queue. Sooner or later, they will find a business model that will make them happy and will enable them to earn enough. But they need to remember one more thing. They should learn to manage their funds as well as have enough sleep and rest.


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