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‘More to spend and give’: Americans’ post-COVID plans unveiled

The survey discovered that consumers are looking to shop, eat and travel after a year of COVID-19 restrictions

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‘More to spend and give’: Americans’ post-COVID plans unveiled. Source:

According to Blackhawk Network, with $1.7 trillion in excess savings during the pandemic and expanded vaccine introduction and anticipation of a return to normal, Americans are ready to make up for a wasted time.

Traveling, meeting friends and family, and eating out are the list of activities that consumers most want to celebrate together. Indeed, 76% of Americans surveyed are looking forward to giving more gifts. Besides, 79% of the respondents also report that they plan to spend more on gifts.

The 73% of surveyed consumers are most happy to celebrate birthdays and 71% are excited to spend holidays together. In conjunction with these celebrations, 70% of consumers plan to spend $100 or more on birthdays, and 67% plan to spend the same or more on holidays.

76% of men surveyed and 77% of Gen X surveyors plan to spend $250 to $500 on gifts for all occasions, with birthdays and holidays being the most common.

Meeting friends and family, eating at a restaurant or bar, and shopping for fun, topped the list of the activities which consumers most want to return to. Playing or watching sports, live music and entertainment, and going to the gym and spa were also among the top 10 activities.

We’ve reported that spending on Mother’s Day in the US to hit a record this year.


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