Adyen became Glovo’s primary card issuing partner

Adyen partnered with Glovo a year ago

Adyen Glovo

Adyen became Glovo’s primary card issuing partner. Source:

Adyen has announced the expansion of its partnership with Glovo to provide card issuing for Glovo’s entire European courier base.

The companies have started rolling out an initial 30,000 cards among Glovo’s European courier base so that Glovo can use Adyen as its exclusive European card-issuing partner.

Glovo chose to expand with Adyen Card Issuing for a few key reasons:

  • Smart card controls such as geo-fencing to specific stores meant funds on issued cards are used for the desired purpose
  • Reduced need to provide separate working capital to support the issued card transactions by linking the acquiring and issuing accounts within the Adyen financial ecosystem
  • Eliminated overhead in onboarding new vendors or expanding into new markets, Glovo couriers simply walk in and pay using their issued card in line with card scheme acceptance
The pandemic has only accelerated the need for delivery and we knew we needed a better, quicker way to get cards in the hands of couriers. With Adyen, we are able to quickly deploy cards to couriers, while reaping the many benefits from Adyen's technology and their combined end-to-end acquiring and issuing platform. This all ensures that couriers using our platform can deliver more efficiently, which helps us to further improve our services towards our customers. It also means that our customers aren’t limited to just our partner stores, but can order from any store in their city
Florian Jensen, Global Fraud & Payments Director at Glovo

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