Cancer survivor to be the youngest American ever participating in SpaceX’s flight

The cancer survivor will tour space via the recent SpaceX sponsorship

Hailey Arceneaux

Cancer survivor to be the youngest American ever participating in SpaceX’s flight. Source:

Hailey Arceneaux, a 29-year-old American cancer survivor will be the youngest American ever in SpaceX’s flight according to

SpaceX will send four citizens on board the Crew Dragon capsule. The team will be the first to fly into space without a professional astronaut.

This comes as Jared Isaacman purchases the premier profit-making spaceship launch. The billionaire purchased the rocket from SpaceX. Jared will get one space on the Inspiration 4 mission. He also gave three spaces. One will be awarded to a St. Jude’s Hospital sweepstakes winner while another to Shift4s contest winner. The other seat will go to an icon of hope, Hayley Arceneaux.

Hailey, who is a St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital physician assistant, was once a patient at the hospital. She was treated for bone cancer in 2002. Some bones in her leg now have metal rods. This makes her the initial person with prosthetics to go into orbit.

While such a situation would be an immediate disqualification, Hailey got clearance for flight by SpaceX. She will be the medical doctor for the entire crew.

Crew-1, which was the most recent crewed SpaceX launch, took part in November 2020. The next crewed SpaceX launch is set to take part in April 2020. The other Inspiration4 mission space tourists are yet to be revealed. However, they will not have much preparation time given that the lift-off at the Kennedy Space Centre is set for October. The orbit will last 2-4 days.

We’ve reported that Richard Branson’s Virgin Orbit rocket launched into space.


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