Carrefour launches contactless store in Paris

Carrefour Flash was tested at Carrefour’s head office in Massy over more than a year


Carrefour launches contactless store in Paris. Source:

Paris shoppers can now use the services of Carrefour Flash 10/10. This is a new supermarket that promises quick payment and shopping. The technology that the new supermarket uses means that shoppers will not be required to scan any products that they want to buy.

With the slogan ’10 seconds to shop and 10 seconds to pay’ customers will be able to purchase any products without taking them out of their bag.

Once the shoppers gain access to the shop, they will be tracked anonymously as a ‘virtual avatar’.

The shop is equipped with close to 2,000 sensors connected to shelves and 60 HD cameras. This is a perfect algorithm for data interpretation.

Once shoppers pick up the items of choice, the technology automatically detects and adds them to the customer’s virtual basket. When the customers complete shopping, they head to the check-out kiosk. Here, they are recognized and the total shopping cost is displayed. Shoppers can pay via contactless remittance whereby an e-receipt is issued by scanning a QR code. For people who want to pay via a card reader or cash, there is a separate counter.

The Flash concept checks our customers’ expectations. They want to be able enter the store easily, know what they are buying, pay quickly and then leave. Compared with other existing concepts, with Carrefour Flash, customers get speed and accessibility in a unique way
Elodie Perthuisot, the Carrefour Group's Executive Director of E-Commerce, Data and Digital Transformation

The Carrefour Flash 10/10 has four workers who open the shop, maintain it, manage e-commerce, help customers and tidy the place. The employees also fix issues experienced with the automatic processes and authorize the sale of alcohol.

We’ve reported that 60% of Brits set to do all their Christmas shopping online.


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