CES 2023 Showcases Touch and Smell Tech for Metaverse

Metaverse needs more customised and real-life-like user experiences such as the integration of the senses of smell and touch into VR experiences, as demonstrated at CES 2023

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Metaverse-focused companies presented their new VR equipment that activates users’ senses of touch and smell at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023.

One of the companies, OVR Technology, showcased its new wearable scent technology – ION. With a VR headset that contains eight aromas to be combined into thousands of various unique scents, ION makes digital experiences even more immersive and emotional. The scents are specifically designed to provoke different moods and emotions. Besides, ION can connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to your smartphone or PC so you can explore the world of 4D, multi-sensory experiences.

The announced product is set to be released later this year. An earlier version used for fragrance marketing lets users experience various aromas e.g. marshmallow roasting or a bed of roses.

The CEO of OVR Technology Aaron Wisniewski highlighted that scent gives metaverse experiences “unmatched power.” He also noted that VR and extended reality will soon be integrated with commerce, entertainment, social connection, education and well-being.

Meanwhile, FireFlare Games executive Aurora Townsend shared the plans to launch a VR dating app. The Planet Theta app would incorporate immersive sensations like the feeling of touch, once the respective technology becomes available on the market. So far, the project is scheduled to launch on Valentine’s Day 2023.

Planet Theta allows users to meet new people in metaverse and go on virtual dates. At the same time, customers wonder if the immersive experience could truly be life-like since currently offered haptic products provide experiences that are “far from reality”.


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