Elon Musk’s startup wired up monkey’s brain to play video games

In the long term, Neutralink may explore sci-fi territory

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Elon Musk’s startup wired up monkey’s brin to play video games. Source:

Neuralink, Elon Musk’s new startup wired up a monkey’s brain enabling it to play video games.

This will be facilitated by a computer chip that will be placed into the monkey’s skull. Tiny wires will then be used to connect to the monkey’s brain.

The neutral implant will be invisible, however, the monkey will have a slightly dark mohawk.

Neutralink aims to find out if the chips can be used to get monkeys to play mind Pong with each other.

Breakthroughs made in the past reveal that machine intelligence will exceed human intelligence. Already, people have a tertiary digital layer due to the use of computers, phones, and apps.

Musk also aims at fixing Neutralink chips into quadriplegics with spinal or brain injuries. This will enable them to control any device be it a phone or a computer.

We’ve reported that Elon Musk tweeted in support of Dogecoin as its price set a record.


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