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German retailer uses NFC for product authentication and customer engagement

Customers can access features through the browser without the need to install an app


German retailer uses NFC for product authentication and customer engagement. Source:

Shoppers of Straw+ suitcases from German luggage brand Stratic can now verify their purchases, access product information and get transaction and packaging tips by touching their NFC smartphone to an NFC chip embedded in the suitcase, according to

By touching the NFC chip, car owners can also create interactive packing lists and store their contact details online, rather than on a physical tag in the trunk.

Straw+ suitcases are made from recycled bioplastic and contain 25% straw. Stratic has also introduced a mechanism into the technology that takes into account customers’ carbon footprints while traveling and compensates them with “climate coin for sustainable projects.”

In fact, the NFC chip from NXP Semiconductors is integrated under the front covers of the suitcase.

The web pages associated with each suitcase are based on a no-code platform and have a modular design. The web structure and its content can be updated without restriction, expanding Stratic’s digital possibilities.

The company says that Stratic is now planning to add NFC functionality to its entire upcoming line of luggage.

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