Here’s how technologies could enhance travel industry

The study involved 6,000 respondents across Singapore, India, UK, Germany, France, and the United States

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Here’s how technologies could enhance travel industry. Source:

According to Amadeus, 84% of the respondents stated that technology would increase their confidence to travel. They said the technology would need to address concerns around physical touchpoints, social distancing, and mixing with crowds.

Besides, 40% of Indians revealed that access to technology that reduces queues, human contact, and touchpoints was a major factor in getting people to travel again. Meanwhile, 73% of Baby Boomers and 28% of Gen Z stressed this as a major concern.

In fact, 40% needed an effective test and contact tracing program. At the same time, 39% were interested in hygiene measures in accommodation centers. At the same time, 38% stated their concerns about the number of passengers on flights.

The most appealing technology includes mobile applications that provide alerts. That’s to increase travelers’ confidence.

The research name contactless experiences as a major concern in 52% of Singapore travelers. Meanwhile, 26% of US and 25% of UK travelers would like technology that would remove the need for physical documents.

India’s travel industry has started to show green shoots for recovery in the past months, and India’s aviation minister recently suggested that domestic passenger traffic could reach pre-COVID levels by the end of the year. This new consumer research further affirms the optimism for travel as many of the concerns can be addressed by the technology available now, at every stage of the traveler experience. We have seen COVID-19 accelerate trends that were already present, such as the drive towards digitalization and contactless technology, which were key themes picked out by Indian travelers in order to feel confident traveling again. These are areas that we are already working closely on with our airline, airport, and hospitality customers, and we will continue to focus on this
Cyril Tetaz, Executive Vice President of Airlines, Asia-Pacific, Amadeus

We’ve reported that the digital ticket transaction values are expected to decline by nearly $400 billion in 2020.


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