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JCB to issue co-branded cards with new Asian partner

The number of JCB cards in Myanmar is currently reaching 2 million


JCB to issue co-branded cards with new Asian partner. Source:

Myanmar Citizens Bank (MCB Bank) and JCB International (JCBI) have announced that MCB Bank will start to issue MPU-JCB Co-Branded Debit Cards.

The new card combines MPU and JCB brands with the MCB brand, a banking brand in Myanmar.

I am delighted to announce the launch of Myanmar Citizens Bank MPU JCB Co-branded Debit card to support the needs of our customers with convenience of cashless transactions domestically in Myanmar and internationally. The card can be used for all face-to-face and e-commerce payments as well as for ATM transactions. Our customers will enjoy the extensive range of merchant discounts and benefits that come with the card, please visit Myanmar Citizen Bank website for more product information. The launch of this card is another step forward in realizing the transformational vision of MCB Bank, a project that commenced in 2019 and is designed to transform the Bank by the year 2023
Godfrey Swain, CEO of MCB Bank

This collaboration offers 2 Platinum and Classic debit cards. This way, the cardmembers can use JCB privileges such as discounts at over 150 merchants in an extensive merchant network globally.

Platinum debit card and Classic debit card. Source:

We’ve reported that JCB International has partnered 3C Payment, a payment solutions provider to enable JCB payment acceptance in over 85 locations Hotel Group in Spain.


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