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Klarna rolls out its new app in the UK

UK consumers will get a greater range of flexibility, control, and personalization while shopping online

Klarna UK

Klarna rolls out its new app in the UK. Source:

Klarna has announced the launch of its newly redesigned app, enhancing the shopping experience for UK users.

The app is reported to cover the entire shopping journey. Content is personalized based upon consumers’ interests, their favorite stores, and previous shopping behavior.

New features of the app will include wish lists that can contain items from any retailer in the UK. They can either be kept for private use or shared with close ones.

Besides, users will get price drop notifications. They can just set up alerts for the products they love and only pay for them when they’re comfortable with the price.

Klarna has also hunted down the best online deals and have saved them for customers all in one place.

Despite the shifting retail landscape, consumers are still looking for inspiration, convenience, and value and it’s become obvious that shopping online now goes far beyond just a transaction. The new Klarna app elevates the entire shopping experience, from start to finish by bringing together all the best aspects of shopping in one place, giving Klarna users a unique and personalized experience at their fingertips
Sebastian Siemiatkowski, CEO and co-founder of Klarna 

We’ve reported that Klarna has added 1 million new consumers in the US in just three months.


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