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London welcomes first riverboat delivery service

That’s an important step towards exploring the use of the river for small scale freight transport

riverboat delivery service

London welcomes first riverboat delivery service. Source:

DHL Express has launched London’s first riverboat parcel delivery service. The company aims to ease congestion thus providing an efficient way of transporting deliveries across the capital.

The service has been introduced as part of DHL’s commitment to using blended transport modes to improve access to urban areas.

This year we will invest about €1 billion in our infrastructure for growing our global network and therefore further improve the quality of our customer business. Besides the renewal of our aircraft fleet and the expansion of our hubs and gateways, we are constantly looking for innovative solutions that help us turn our vision of ‘connecting people, improving lives’ into reality. This also includes new transport modes, we’re bringing forward to reduce road traffic, carbon output and improve air quality. The riverboat is a fast, efficient and reliable way of utilizing a currently untapped access route into London and it is one of a couple of initiatives we are investing in, on our way to zero-emission in 2050
John Pearson, CEO of DHL Express

The riverboat service will run daily at 7:30 am, transporting packages into London. The shipments will be loaded from e-vehicles onto the riverboat at Wandsworth Riverside Quarter Pier. Afterward, they will be traveling into central London, docking at Bankside Pier for final mile delivery on DHL courier bicycles.

We’ve reported key trends shaping the logistics industry, according to DHL.


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