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Luxiry Swiss pen manufacturer launches contactless payment pen

André von Moos began producing writing implements in 2005

Von Moos pen

Luxury Swiss pen manufacturer launches contactless payment pen. Source:

Von Moos has teamed up with Swedish fintech company Fidesmo to develop the world’s first pen with built-in contactless chip allowing users to carry out payments.

Through an integrated chip inside the pen, the customer will be able to tokenize a payment card through Fidesmo Pay and use the pen as a means of payment at all terminals that support contactless payment.

At Fidesmo, we always strive to extend the experience of contactless payment and other services, and this is where exciting new partners like Von Moos come in, with a new kind of device, based on the fine art of wood manufacturing
Ulrich Dreefs, Head of Sales at Fidesmo

Fidesmo connects contactless services, such as payment, public transport tickets, office and hotel access and car keys, to a variety of devices, such as wearables, cards and phones.

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