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Mastercard announced collaboration with US Bank

The bank currently offers its Voyager Fleet Card which can be used to pay for fuel, maintenance, etc at over 320,000 locations across the US


Mastercard announced collaboration with US Bank. Source:

Mastercard and US Bank have teamed up to offer the US Bank Voyager Mastercard, which can be used for fleet-related expenses anywhere Voyager or Mastercard are accepted.

According to the press release, the US Bank Voyager Mastercard enables clients to pay for fleet-related expenses at existing Voyager merchant locations and any merchant who accepts Mastercard.

Now drivers can use just one card to pay for a wide variety of other fleet-related purchases in addition to fuel and maintenance, including, but not limited to:

  • Fees for toll roads or parking
  • Fuel in Puerto Rico and other US territories, Canada, Mexico and other international locations
  • Emergency tows or repairs
  • Infrequent, emergency or on-demand travel purchases (e.g., hotel, food)

Along with that, the new payment solution allows fleets to tailor spend controls for individual drivers and vehicles while retaining full visibility and oversight across the expanded purchase categories with enhanced travel benefits.

From standard purchases to unexpected situations such as inclement weather or emergency repairs, fleets have increased flexibility to manage all fleet-related expenses with ease.

The new US Bank Voyager Mastercard is a game-changer for fleet managers and drivers. Having the capability to cover and control unexpected and planned purchases on two major networks delivers unprecedented flexibility to support fleet operations and productivity
Jeff Pape, senior vice president and director of product and marketing for transportation at US Bank

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