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Mastercard issues first biometric card in Jordan

The launch paves way for a biometric security worldwide integration in the banking industry


Mastercard issues first biometric card in Jordan. Source:

Mastercard and Jordan Kuwait Bank (JKB) have teamed up to launch the Jordan Kuwait Bank Biometric World Elite Mastercard. That’s the first commercially available Mastercard biometric card in Jordan and the first World Elite card in the Middle East and Africa region to feature biometric authentication

The partnership between Jordan Kuwait Bank (JKB) and Mastercard will enable the use of pre-registered fingerprint by cardholders instead of PIN at standard sale terminals. This adds a security layer that will be vital in the fight against digital identity theft and fraud.

The Biometric World Elite Card is an exciting new solution that will provide Jordan Kuwait Bank cardholders with a more secure and yet equally seamless payment authentication, resulting in an enhanced overall experience when making payments. Jordanian consumers have demonstrated their enthusiasm towards emerging payment technologies in general, and we are delighted to partner with Jordan Kuwait Bank to bring its most affluent customers state of the art advancements in fingerprint and biometric authentication technology. In a contact-free world, we believe customers will value such a feature that provides them complete touch free experiences even for large transactions during physical (known as Card Present) shopping
J.K. Khalil, Country Manager, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain & Levant, Mastercard

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