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Meta Says Generative AI and Metaverse to Evolve Together

The Reality Labs division is still not close to leaving the category of unprofitable enterprises, but for Meta, this state of affairs is not a reason to abandon the implementation of the Metaverse concept, even taking into account the fact that all efforts, according to experts, in this case, are concentrated on not too far-sighted projects.

Meta Says Generative AI and Metaverse to Evolve Together


During his earnings report for the first quarter of 2023 last Wednesday, April 26, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that currently, more than 3 billion people use at least one of the company’s applications on a daily basis. He also noted that the number of daily active Facebook users in the USA and Canada is 200 million people.

In the context of discussions about the future development of the company, Zuckerberg focused on the fact that in this case, the key areas of activity are the development of artificial intelligence and its integration into the firm’s infrastructure and the creation of a metaverse. He noted that Meta is focused on communication and self-expression.

Zuckerberg separately announced the possibility of providing AI agents to billions of people. Instagram Facebook is currently exploring the possibilities of introducing artificial intelligence-based chats in WhatsApp and Messenger, tools for visual creation of Facebook and Instagram posts and advertising, video overtime, as well as multimodal capabilities.

Speaking about the prospects of using AI-based chatbots, Zuckerberg suggested that interest in these agents for exchanging business messages and customer support will grow as the relevant experience spreads.

The founder of Meta also stated that if cooperation is established in the field of artificial intelligence between the largest players in this industry, there will be a high probability of creating an open ecosystem, which will standardize the use of open tools and facilitate their integration.

Zuckerberg separately stressed that the company continues to focus on the metaverse, contrary to the prevailing opinion about the departure from the active implementation of efforts within the framework of this concept. He stated that progress in the space of alternative virtual reality and the development of artificial intelligence are interrelated. It was also noted that metaverse technologies will help create new developments in the AI industry. As an example, confirming this statement, Zuckerberg mentioned the fact that the agents embodying artificial intelligence will take advantage of the significant investments that Meta has invested in avatars over the past few years.

According to the chairman of the company, the creation of a metaverse is a long-term project, but its rationale remains unchanged. Regardless of the external conjuncture, the vision of the ideal model for the implementation of this concept of being within the virtual space is not subject to correction or profound change.

Zuckerberg said that at the moment more than a billion meta-avatars have been created. The number of games in the Quest store with revenue of at least $25 million has doubled since 2022. More than half of Quest DAU users spend more than an hour on their devices.

Zuckerberg said that by the end of this year, the company will launch a next-generation virtual and mixed-reality consumer device. Separately, he noted that the cost of this device will be affordable for most consumers.

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