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Moldova is offering a safe place for Ukrainian IT companies

Moldova has emerged as the largest recipient of Ukrainian refugees on per capita basis


Moldova is offering a safe place for Ukrainian IT companies. Source:

Moldova Innovation Technology Park (MITP) has launched a one-stop-shop website, aimed specifically at the Ukrainian IT community. It provides practical information for the temporary relocation of Ukrainian engineers and tech companies’ operations to Moldova:

The residents of MITP benefit from a flat 7% tax rate, a simplified IT visa mechanism, and a liberalised approach to residence and working permits introduced by the Moldovan authorities for Ukrainian refugees.

Ukrainian citizens can use their electronic documents issued by Diia with Moldovan authorities and can obtain a state identification number (IDNP) by applying online. They can also experience a simplified account opening procedure in Moldovan banks.

We want to provide a temporary safe-haven for the Ukrainian IT community, for businesses that have no choice but to temporarily relocate a part of their operations abroad. We simplified as much as possible the paperwork needed, to make such a transition as seamless as the circumstances allow. We pray for the end of this unjust war and for the chance for all Ukrainians to return to their beloved homes. We can’t replace for Ukrainian tech companies the dynamism of their native Kyiv, the vibe of Kharkiv, or the cosiness of Odesa, but we’ll do our best to provide a temporary, hassle-free, second home in Moldova
Sergiu Gaibu, Moldovan Minister of Economy

Moldova Innovation Technology Park is Europe’s first e-park offering a range of regulatory and tax benefits for its residents.

The one-stop-shop site launched aims to systematise and address the spike in interest for practical information relating to a temporary relocation of business operations in Moldova.

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