Nordic countries start joint drone development initiative

Nordic Drone Initiative backed by 16 public and privately-owned organizations in the four Scandinavian states to probe the efficient use of airspace for drones


Nordic countries start joint drone development initiative. Source:

Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark have joined forces in an extensive joint initiative to develop drone transports for goods and passengers, reveals.

The Nordic Drone Initiative (NDI) is exploring the effective use of airspace for drones. This will help speed up the adoption of mobile drones, including their use as air-taxis and autonomous courier services.

The overall goal of the inter-state NDI will lead to combining capabilities and resources for the development of sustainable drone transport services in the Northern Region.

RISE, the Swedish state-owned research institute which promotes novations in universities and private companies, sees the NDI project as an opportunity for the Nordic governments to gain an international strong point in drone transportation.

The project which is coordinated by RISE is co-financed by Nordic Innovation (NI), an inter-governmental agency for partnership in the region, which operates under the jurisdiction of the Nordic Council of Ministers. NDI functions as part of the NI’s Nordic Smart Mobility and Connectivity program.

The pan-Nordic finance consortium behind NDI is made up of 16 public and private partner organizations from Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark.

The NDI’s Swedish partners involve electric drone maker Katla Aero, an autonomous drone developer Flypulse, Kista Science City, remote pilot systems developer Mainbase, local government economic development organization Region Östergötland and LFV Aviation, a provider of smart air navigation systems.

Finnish partners at NDI include government research agency VTT, digital project management consultants Bell Rock Advisors, Robots Expert, and Business Tampere.

Norwegian partaking in NDI includes research group NORCE, smart technology company Nordic Edge and autonomous aircraft operators UAS Norway and Drone Nord. Gate21, an innovator in smart green solutions, at the present time is the only Danish co-financing partner for the project.

We’ve reported that the drone market is set to worth over $90 billion by 2030.


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