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Number of customers who feel “financially healthy” dropped

According to research, customers who feel “financially healthy” decreased from 50% to 43%.

Number of customers who feel “financially healthy” dropped. Source:

The J.D. Power study took into account the answers of more than 16,130 customers of various retail banks and credit card users and showed that the number of surveyed customers who feel “financially healthy” decreased from 50% to 43%, thereby losing 10%. The number of customers who felt “financially vulnerable” and insecure was from 25% to 32%, as shown in the report.

The difficult financial situation in the world only increases the relevance of customer requests.

However, the figures in this report differ slightly from the official figures provided by the US Federal Reserve in the Economic Well-Being 2021 report. 68% of the 11,000 people surveyed said they were able to find money to pay for emergency assistance at $400, thus the highest figure since 2013. However, there is still much to look forward to. 

J.D. Power Senior Consultant Jennifer White is sure that the mood in the market can be volatile, and the customers have heightened requests for digital services so they can be demanding and selective. 

The best service card turned out to be Discover, the second-best card is Bank of America, and Capital One, Chase, and American Express are third-raters.

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