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Starling working on a money management function

Because of the oppressive inflationary pressures, Starling Bank has upgraded its Spending Insights tool to provide assistance with money management for all customers who need it.


Starling working on a money management function. Source:

According to Starling Bank, customers will have immediate access to monthly spending data for each of the 36 categories. A search function will also be available where anyone can find information on merchants, categories, and statement purchases.

Those customers who have a personal or joint current account will be given access to 53 expense categories, especially during the pandemic. Categories such as “hobbies”, “food takeaway”, or “do-it-yourself” will be exceptionally popular and in demand, while those who have already a change of scene and are enjoying post-lockdown can find categories such as “weddings”, “date nights”, and so on.

Also among popular requests will be categories such as “groceries”, “medicine”, “housing”, and “utilities”, where everyone can find one or the other service according to their preferences. Also, clients will be allowed to customize the application according to their tastes.

Starling Bank CEO Helen Bierton is sure that knowledge is the backbone of success in the financial sphere. She is as sure that familiarizing clients with their daily expenses will lead to a better funds management and adaptation to inflation.

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