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Only 20% of Americans ready to do physical shopping: research

The survey is based on the answers of over 25,000 US adults

physical shopping

Only 20% of Americans ready to do physical shopping: research. Source:

According to IBM Services, American consumers aim to make significant changes in their lives and work in the wake of the virus.

The study provides further evidence that COVID-19 is permanently altering US consumer behavior. There are long term implications of the new consumer behaviors for industries like retail, transportation, and travel among others. These organizations need to quickly adapt their business models to serve the new consumer behaviors in order to survive and thrive
Jesus Mantas, Senior Managing Partner, IBM Services

This way, over 20% of Americans regularly using public transport now said they no longer would. At the same time, 28% revealed they will likely use public transportation but not so often.

The study highlighted that more than half of people who used ridesharing services said they would either use these less or stop using completely.

Meanwhile, over 17% of respondents unveiled they plan to use their personal vehicle more, with nearly 1 in 4 saying they will use it as their exclusive mode of transportation.

While more than 1/3 of consumers said they will visit bars and restaurants, only about 10% saying they won’t.

The survey also revealed that about 25% of consumers indicated they will be ready to visit the beach whereas 1 in 5 will be ready to go shopping at malls and shopping centers.

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