Over 80% of Americans would still like to work remotely: survey

IBM surveyed more than 7,000 Americans in July


Over 80% of Americans would still like to work remotely: survey. Source:

The new survey reveals that the percentage of Americans who are concerned about personal and public health continues to rise.

For instance, 72% report that COVID-19 has made them more concerned about the safety and health of themselves and their families. The same percentage of respondents also said they worry about the second wave of COVID-19 later in 2020.

Only 13% of Americans think that the economy will bounce back to where it was prior to COVID-19.

The results from our ongoing survey underscore that consumer attitudes continue to shift as the effects of the virus fluctuate around the country, and consumers are preparing themselves for more permanent changes in behavior. These new behaviors define the new preferences that business leaders need to be able to deliver to meet consumers where they are. This is no longer a question of competitive advantage, it's a matter of business survival
Jesus Mantas, senior managing partner, IBM Services

At the same time, 84% of them revealed they would still like to work remotely at least occasionally.

In addition, Americans are resuming some daily activities. This way, 27% of respondents surveyed have already visited restaurants and bars.

Although, 35% don’t plan on going to shopping centers or malls this year. 66% and 64% said they wouldn’t go to an amusement park or a live sporting event this year, respectively.

We’ve reported that remote work has positively impacted productivity in terms of reducing costs of both employers and employees, lowering traffic and pollution level.


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