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IT services to be hit by COVID-19 the most: research

Coronavirus is a test on companies’ ability to cope with extreme shocks

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Skill gaming vs. gambling: regulations & payment processing challenges

Anastasiia Brener Senior Alternative Payment Methods Manager, Ikajo International Plenty of businesses go online. And it’s no wonder. There are limitless opportunities, including GEO reach, customer acquisition, and retention, offering a variety of payment methods, and growing brand awareness. Several numbers prove this hypothesis. According to Statista, the online gambling market accounted for $45.8 billion […]


14 years of tweets: the history of Twitter

14 years of tweets. Overview


Danish e-commerce to surpass value €21B in 2020

Last year, the e-commerce turnover in Denmark was worth €19.5 billion


UnionPay partners Mongolia’s largest bank

The UnionPay card has become a major payment method in Mongolia

Finance & Economics

Mother’s Day expected to deliver low physical shopping spending

The retailers with a weak online presence and heavy reliance on store sales will be the worst hit

Finance & Economics

Austrian startup has raised a €15.6M investment

That’s one of the highest investments in the Austrian startup industry nowadays

Fintech & Ecommerce

TransferWise and Alipay announce collaboration

This partnership enables more than 7 million TransferWise users to send Chinese yuan from 17 currencies to Alipay

Royal Bank of Canada

RBC to close its branches due to COVID-19 pandemic

These temporary closures will not affect workers’ job security


Google shares 8 tips on how to ensure remote work productivity

This way, the employees are expected to work as productively from home as they do in the office

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Over half of Americans purchased supplies in preparation of coronavirus

The most popular pandemic purchases among those who stockpiled are food, medication and cleaning and paper products


COVID-19 made Universal Studios shift its movies to on-demand 

The company made that decision since the growing number of states are going to close all theaters to prevent the COVID-19 spread

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South African bank warns about coronavirus cash scam

The bank announced it is not withdrawing notes and coins due to coronavirus outbreak


Revolut to launch app for children

Revolut provides an easy way to teach kids essential financial skills for life

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Amazon closes warehouses to least essential items

Increased online shopping led to products such as household staples and medical supplies being out of stock


Canadian banks provide flexible solutions due to coronavirus

Canadians who are facing difficulties are encouraged to contact their banks