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Swedish online supermarket stops e-commerce activities

Customers’ hoarding forced ICA to make changes to its activities

Society & Lifestyle

Here’s how COVID-19 impacts global supply chains

Nowadays businesses are facing a burden the coronavirus puts on supply chains


Revolut launches in the US

The US users can now hold and exchange 28 currencies, including British Pounds, Canadian Dollar, and the Euro


How to shop during the quarantine

The quarantine shifted shopping focus from fashionable looks to food and personal hygiene products

Finance & Economics

Banking and payments in Uzbekistan: what’s new, and what to look for

In this article, we review the new regulations that affect payments and banking sectors in Uzbekistan

Science & Technology

Microsoft presents noise suppression solution for remote workers

The new solution will significantly ease the working process for those having kids and pets while they’re working from home

Society & Lifestyle

Most UK stores to be closed until May 2020: forecast

The revised forecasts are predicated on the pandemic peaking in April


Alibaba Cloud teams up with US security platform

The Bandwidth Alliance currently consists of 20 partners

Finance & Economics

Southern Europe shifts to online grocery shopping amid COVID-19

Consumers across Italy, Spain, and France are discovering online shopping due to COVID-19 lockdown


E-commerce in the era of blockchain: how to prepare your store

Micro Startups business community   You’ve surely heard of blockchain, even if you’re not entirely (or even slightly) sure what it really means. It’s a thrilling new technology with near-limitless applications! It’s going to transform the world of business, and even the world in general! Well, the truth of the matter is that many of […]

Finance & Economics

Global e-retail transaction values to reach nearly $5T by 2024

Mobile access is the best way for e-retail and payment providers to reach potential users


Fintech startups to gradually extend their services

The fintech sector is currently maturing and stabilizing showing consolidation towards venture-backed fintech companies


Dutch banks allow contactless payments with no PINs 

From now on, the customers won’t need to enter their PIN for payments below €25


Nearly half of UK adults are currently in debts

1 out of 5 respondents prefer not to tell their partner about being in debt


Tesla stock price has fallen by nearly half 

The company has already suspended production at its factory in New York and California


How coronavirus affects cryptocurrency market

The major reasons why crypto market crashed