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What is KYC and why do businesses need it

This is how fintech affects business

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Best of the week: Dogecoin as Tesla payment option, COVID-19 vaccine passports, top NFC-enabled rings

We’ve gathered some of the best and most interesting articles over the last week. 1. Top 5 NFC-enabled rings PaySpace Magazine has revised the best models of both budget and luxury NFC rings in the market. They may substitute your wallet, a travel pass, access badges, and even your home or car keys. 2. Google […]


Walmart to acquire virtual fitting room platform

Walmart brings new social and inclusive experience to its marketplace


20 useful facts about your Mac device you probably didn’t know 

Susanna Balashova Writer   There are many attractive features about MacBooks, enough to make consumers jump ship from other competitors. However, it is a fact that there are many things that this computer can do that many users don’t know about. Whether you’re just starting in the world of MacBooks or you’re a long-time user, […]

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Younger Brits invest more in personal finances than older generation 

Almost two-thirds of 18-25 year olds believe that their financial situation will be better in a year


Asian venture capital market and startups after the COVID-19 

COVID-19 has impacted business markets globally, including Asian markets, requiring companies to have to rethink their business processes. According to Pymnts, which tracks corporate payment processing system trends, the market for contactless payment systems has grown as much as 500% in some settings. Even though the pandemic will be a thing of the past someday, […]


Here’s how many consumers committed friendly fraud

Crime follows new opportunities opened up by new lifestyles

Society & Lifestyle

Australian casinos will ban cash: reason unveiled

Both casinos will also stop paid-for-trips seeing that it’s a major source of illegal activities

Finance & Economics

Bank of Ireland allows asylum seekers to open accounts

Asylum seekers may not have the traditional documentation that most banks require to set up a bank account


Americans are the most optimistic about their finances: research

 Klarna surveyed over 9,000 consumers across the US, the UK, Australia, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Norway, Finland, and Sweden


MoneyGram now lets customers buy and sell Bitcoin

This option is specially designed for customers who may be interested in utilizing BTC for the first time

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BNP Paribas rolls out operations as local bank in Mexico

The BNP Paribas Group has had a strong presence in Mexico for over 55 years

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Europol busted large-scale online investment fraud network

The fraud scheme, organized mainly by Israeli nationals, included call centers, ran from Bulgaria and North Macedonia

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Over 60% of employees want COVID-19 vaccination to be mandatory

The survey collected the opinions of over 16,000 employees from 16 countries, various industries and jobs

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Smart money hacks to improve your financial life

Justin Weinger Author   You might feel like financial hacks are only for rich people, or you may have read a tip like skip your daily luxury coffee drink and save that cash instead over and over. There is actually plenty of money hacks you can access on a modest income, and there are plenty […]