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How to start a company in Estonia

Estonia is one of the most favourable grounds for entrepreneurship

Finance & Economics

Which countries use polymer banknotes

More than 20 countries joined the trend of utilizing polymer banknotes


Top 7 vehicle-sharing companies

Here is the list of the vehicle-sharing companies you might want to consider

Finance & Economics

Dutch e-commerce platform raises €4.5 million

The latest round brings Moteefe to about €11.4 million in total funding

Finance & Economics

Here’s how much money digital firms contribute to UK

Sport, creative, digital and gambling industries, and the voluntary sector contributed £224.1 billion to the UK in 2018


Zalando expands its loyalty program in Europe

France is an important European market for Zalando

Fintech & Ecommerce

Western Union partners Italian prepaid card service 

Over 7 million Postepay Evolution customers can now make cross-border payments through the app

Finance & Economics

Swedish online grocery shopping growth has been revealed

As long as store sales increased by 2.8%, e-commerce achieved a growth rate of 21.9%

Finance & Economics

Credit cards in the US: the history & conditions

Where did the credit card come from?


MoneyLIVE: Digital Banking

MoneyLIVE: Digital Banking Goes Digital


Suffering from a bad credit score? Avoid these 6 financial missteps

Tiffany Wagner Aspiring Investment Management Analysis specialist   Your creditworthiness heavily relies on your credit score. The higher your FICO rating is (more than 630), the lesser interest you might pay on credit lines or loans. Payment history, credit utilization, credit history length, credit mix, and new credit are a few factors that affect your […]


2020 payment trends unveiled

Customers’ behavior and expectations have radically affected the way they carry out the payments


New e-commerce platform offers online grocery retailing in India

JioMart aims to bring in electronics, clothing, and footwear in the near future

Finance & Economics

Hong Kong’s first virtual bank partners Fiserv

The experience of the Fiserv team will complement ZA Bank’s existing capabilities in product innovation


The leading marketplace in the Nordics becomes independent

CDON is the leading marketplace in the Nordics, with nearly 1.8 million customers