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MoneyGram expands mobile wallet network in Asia

With this launch, over 55 million bKash wallet users in Bangladesh will now be able to receive funds instantly from across the globe


Getting a mortgage while being a student: is it possible?

Nancy Howard Content Writer   As a student, you likely already have a lot on your plate. From regular assignments to potentially messy roommates to stressful exam periods, it all adds up and creates a somewhat challenging learning experience. And yet, some students still choose to take on even more responsibilities like having a part-time […]


Majority of passengers support the use of biometrics to speed up airport processes

73% of passengers are willing to share their biometric data to improve airport processes, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) survey. In fact, 2021 Global Passenger Survey (GPS) delivered two main conclusions: 1. Passengers want to use biometric identification if it expedites travel processes. 2. Passengers want to spend less time queuing. Interestingly, […]

Finance & Economics

Lessons to remember before the Black Friday treasure hunt

There are a few important lessons to remember before you embark on a shopping treasure hunt journey


Klarna officially entered one more market

Klarna’s launch will help Portuguese retailers adapt to a shifting retail landscape

Blockchain & Crypto

Muslims can’t trade crypto: here’s why

The top Islamic body in Indonesia has advised Muslims in the сountry to avoid cryptocurrencies. This is because digital currencies are not acceptable under Islamic law. The decision, announced by the Indonesian Ulema Council or Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI), has been received with mixed reactions. The trade of digital currencies has soared and has attracted […]

Finance & Economics

Nearly half of all product searches are initiated on marketplaces

This is more than twice the number of searches in search engines

Finance & Economics

Majority of B2B businesses in US opposed to accepting crypto payments: reason unveiled

The study is based on responses of 269 US finance and accounting professionals working for B2B companies


How to buy Elongate coin: a guide

Elongate is another meme coin that has been inspired by Elon Musk’s tweets. Despite its minuscule worth and weathering of the initial hype, many people are still eager to buy it. Mainly, the solid community backing is motivated by the charitable nature of this crypto


Open Banking Expo returns to Canada for third time this November

Open Banking Expo, the leading global community of Open Banking and Open Finance executives responsible for digital transformation across financial services, will return to Canada for a third year this November. Once again with Equifax Canada, Canada’s leading trusted consumer data provider, as its headline partner, a two-day virtual event will bring together financial services […]

Fintech & Ecommerce

Western Union and Mastercard expand global partnership: here’s what it means

The partnership expansion is expected to broaden choice for both Western Union’s consumers and Mastercard’s business clients


The Conference.NFT will be held in Kyiv for the first time

NFTs or “non-fungible tokens” took the crypto & art market by storm in 2020, raising eyebrows and leaving collectors and investors open-mouthed. NFTs are digital assets built on blockchain that give buyers and sellers proof of ownership for unique properties which can’t be replaced with anything else. It could be a painting such as the […]


Biggest online retailer in the Netherlands plans for IPO

The initial public offering will provide additional funding for Ahold Delhaize to execute its strategy in the coming years


Akurateco Starts Huge Black Friday Sale for Payment Software

Vladimir Kuiantsev CEO of Akurateco   Amsterdam based SaaS company Akurateco with specialization in payment software solutions offers huge Black Friday discounts for their products: White-label Payment Gateway: The setup fee is only 2500 EUR instead of regular EUR 5000 for the setup of fully customized Payment Gateway Payment Orchestration Platform: The setup fee is […]


Seoul plans to enter the metaverse: here’s what it means

Sounds like something out of a science fiction movie?


JCB contactless payments are now accepted at One Metro New York

Visitors from Asia will be able to experience the seamlessness of OMNY when they are visiting New York City