Payoneer announces partnerships with 8 international banks

Newly-announced Payoneer partners include challenger and incumbent banks and e-wallets in emerging and developed markets


Payoneer announces partnerships with 8 international banks. Source:

Payoneer has announced banking partnerships with 8 international banks across 6 countries including the UK, Thailand, and Ukraine.

They are ANNA Money in the UK, Bank Asia in Bangladesh, BSB Bank in Belarus, EasyPay in Armenia, Gcash, mobile wallet in the Philippines, Ezcash in Sri-Lanka, Faysal Bank and JazzCash in Pakistan, Kuda Bank in Nigeria, Monobank in Ukraine, and Prex in Argentina.

These partnerships are a part of a new program that helps financial institutions provide businesses to seamlessly carry out cross-border payments.

Payoneer for Banks shares the fintech’s global capabilities with regulated, traditional financial institutions and e-wallets via API integrations. They include secure, real-time international payments at low cost and access to Payoneer’s ecosystem of marketplaces.

We focus on creating a bank that customers would love, and that drives a lot of our decisions. It was extremely easy to work with Payoneer because we have the same shared values and the same ideas around money transfers. Our integration allows our customers to have a better user experience, lower fees, and faster access to their international earnings. It’s a relationship that brings value for us, for Payoneer, and for our shared customers
Michael Rogalskiy, Cofounder of neobank Monobank 

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