Rail travellers in Japan can now get coffee from AI-powered robot barista

A robot is now brewing coffee at the country’s two of the busiest railway hubs


Rail travellers in Japan can now get coffee from AI-powered robot barista. Source:

Rail travellers at Yokohama and Tokyo stations now have access to a contactless coffee shop.

This comes with the new launch of a contactless coffee shop by JR East. The new innovation is powered by a six-armed AI-robot barista. This means that passengers can order, collect and compensate for their coffee via the Ella app on mobile devices. Once passengers make their order, they will get a QR code that will be scanned at the collection spot. This will ensure every user receives the correct order.

Regular users can set up a dedicated digital wallet that will be used to buy a subscription. They will also get personalized recommendations and get reward points.

The robot technology that has been utilized by JR East was developed by Crown Digital, a retail systems provider based in Singapore. Crown Digital utilizes an ecosystem that encompasses and connects external hardware and software. This upgrades the experience with quality, speed, consistency and convenience while still employing digital touchpoints.

When the AI-powered robot is preparing the coffee, an OLED screen displays a myriad of possibilities such as displaying dynamic advertisements or indulging users in games.

To ensure that there are no issues that will affect Ella’s operations, a computer vision powered by artificial intelligence monitors the kiosk 24/7. And to digitize the supply chain, the system uses a mobile app fulfillment module that takes advantage of predictive analysis and deep learning.

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