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Remote hiring became new normal: research

Over 330 HR executives at primarily large US companies have been surveyed

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Remote hiring became new normal: research. Source:

The Conference Board has found that companies are now 3 times more willing to hire remote workers from anywhere in the US or the world.

According to data, 36% are willing to hire 100% remote workers anywhere in the US or globally. Just 12% were receptive to that approach before COVID-19.

Compared to before the pandemic, companies are now far more willing to hire remote workers: 52% willing before COVID-19 vs. 88% now.

Although, half still prefer that employees live within commuting distance to the office location.

Meanwhile, over one-third of respondents expect that 40% or more of their employees will work remotely 12 months post-pandemic. That is up from 5% prior to the pandemic.

High unemployment typically means many job seekers per job opening. But so far in this crisis, that appears not to be the case. Many people listed as unemployed are not actively looking for a job at this point in time. Possible reasons for this pause in the job search include being furloughed and hoping to regain their old jobs, fears about being exposed to COVID-19 at work, or lack of available child care. As a result, many organizations are reporting that finding qualified workers is still a challenge
Frank Steemers, a report co-author and Economist at The Conference Board

Companies were likely to reverse wage cuts as quickly as possible; one quarter had fully reversed them by September, and another 23% had partially reversed this action.

We’ve reported that remote work has positively impacted productivity in terms of reducing costs of both employers and employees, lowering traffic and pollution level.


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