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Serbian ATMs will soon accept UnionPay’s cards

Serbia is seeking to further strengthen its cooperation with China

UnionPay and Serbia

Serbia is seeking to further strengthen its cooperation with China. Source:

UnionPay has announced its partnership with Postal Savings Bank and OTP Bank. This way, a large number of Serbian ATMs and merchants will be able to accept UnionPay cards.

According to information, UnionPay will also collaborate with 3 major institutions to keep expanding its card acceptance in Serbia within 2020.

In fact, 15 out of 17 Central and Eastern European countries and regions accept UnionPay cards. It also enabled more than 34,000 POS terminals in Croatia through its partnership with Privredna Banka Zagreb.

UnionPay’s users can currently use their cards at over 4 million merchant locations in 90% of countries and regions in Europe.

We’ve reported that UnionPay rolled out the Content & Service Platform (UCSP), establishing a “Pay+” digital ecosystem in collaboration with global firms.


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