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Top 5 smart rings with NFC

Opening doors and paying in stores with a ring is real. Just pick the best model from our list of smart rings with NFC

smart rings with NFC

Top 5 smart rings with NFC. Source:

Who wants to be the Lord of the Rings? The One Ring of power acquires a new meaning in the age of smart technologies. Wearing rings is not only a matter of fashion today. If your ring is smart, you truly become almighty. It can track the owner’s activities; it can give important customizable notifications; it can even remotely control some appliances.

Moreover, if you have an advanced ring that supports an NFC function, you don’t need either your wallet or your smartphone to make a payment. What else could you wish for? If you’re ready to combine style with fintech, check out our selection of elegant and multifunctional smart rings with NFC.

Smart rings with NFC

1. McLear Smart Ring

Citizens of the UK have already received an opportunity to test this incredible wearable. Later this year, the ring is planned to land on the counters of the USA. How about other countries? Only time will tell.

The ring allows payments at any contactless payment terminal. Transactions now will take even less time. All you have to do to enable payment is to close your fist and bring your hand near enough to the contactless device.

These smart rings with NFC can be connected to your bank accounts, credit or debit cards (only Visa and Mastercard at the moment). It works for both iOS and Android.

RingPay app accompanies your ring on your other devices. It can track and report on your expenses; it enables locking a lost or stolen ring; as well as facilitates online shopping. In addition, there’s a very convenient automatic top-up feature that will load up your secure isolated bank account once you’re out of money. This way, the ring “wallet” is never empty.

The wearable is made of high-quality hypoallergenic ceramic. It comes in two neutral colors – black and white. It’s waterproof, scratch resistant and stress-tested.

Finally, it doesn’t need charging at all. It’s great news for all the fans of NFC wearables since smartwatches do not usually last long on a single charge.

2. NFC OPN Ring

This ring may not have the payment possibility, but it does have a few NFC tags. It’s sure worth mentioning in this list, as the ring will make you feel like a true wizard.

Its awesome functions include unlocking smartphones or tablets; locking and unlocking doors with digital locks; share and transfer information via Wi-Fi whether those are useful links or contacts; automatically start apps on your smartphone, etc.

The convenience of OPN is that its two NFC tags are located with maximum security and functionality. The inner one stores sensitive information and you’ll use more deliberate gestures to make it work so that you don’t open your door accidentally. The top tag bears more public information like the one you’d like to share with others.

3. Jakcom R3 NFC Smart Ring

This ring has a whole bunch of useful functions enabled by its three peculiar NFC tags (the ordinary one; M1 and ID).

Therefore, it can be customized to start apps; unlock a phone; navigate an MP3 player; set up sound levels, the brightness of the display, etc. Besides the remote control option, it can also copy existing NFC tags and store them.

The latter function allows it to unlock intercoms; substitute your employee ID card or a subway travel card.

The ring works without charging. It’s protected by IP68 standards. The most significant drawback is that you cannot link a bank card to it and make payments.


It differs from the other smart rings with NFC by the unique design. This smart ring is wooden and comes in bright blue and orange colors instead of traditional black and white.

It has a vast usage potential as well. Various access cards can be attached to it so that the owners may enter their workplaces, gyms, and own houses (if digital locks are installed there). It is not compatible with all readers, though, so you should check if the system operates on high frequency (13.56MHZ) RFID readers before attempting access.

The ring can also manage smartphone apps, unlock it, and perform other functions with the help of the NFC Tools application from Play Store.

It can easily share small types of information such as links, contact details, texts, bitcoin addresses. All that is done with a single touch of your ring to the smartphone. Both Android and iOS are compatible with the device.

Another useful option currently limited to citizens of Georgia is downloading ticket information to your ring. Instead of printing the ticket or showing a QR-code, cinema-goers can buy tickets online at and click on “Pin to CNICK” button.

5. Token’s Smart Ring

This elegant solution comes in noble colors of sterling silver, rose gold, and black. Not only does it have Bluetooth and NFC connectivity, but also the wearable is equipped with a fingerprint and optical sensors.

To begin using it, the owner has to scan their fingerprint on the inner sensor. Then you can put the ring on. The optical sensor will detect whether the wearable is on or off. It locks down automatically while off the finger so that no unauthorized transactions can take place.

These ultimate security measures are primarily called to protect owners who attach their credit cards to the ring as the device is payment-enabled. However, the device can store much more sensitive information.

You can save all your passwords here. Quick access to your devices and favorite websites is possible with one touch of a ring. Managing passwords will be possible via the companion app.

The company partners with Mastercard and Visa so Token payments are accepted at stores that have contactless NFC terminals just like Android Pay or Apple Pay.

Other possibilities of the ring include entering certain public transport systems, opening cars and smart home locks, adding an office access card, etc.

The ring is waterproof up to 50 meters. It needs charging after approximately 2 weeks of constant use.


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